produit Créa Lign'

Créa Lign’ design and develop creative games for children

Whether it is to awaken, educate or stimulate children’s creativity, nothing is more effective and fun than manual activities. For many years, Créa Lign ’has endeavored to develop a wide range of creative games for children, young and old.

The creative and educational activity of the child through game allows teaching and discovery of the world in a fun and progressive way. Each creative kit, each creative leisure box that we offer in our catalog is perfectly designed so that children of all ages can progress and define their own field of discovery.

Our guiding line is to develop games and toys of different shapes, sizes and characteristics in order to increase the possibilities for children’s interaction.

We design each of our products with the sole aim of stimulating the awakening, imagination, creativity and teaching through interesting and age-appropriate manual activities. Today, it’s a rich collection of creative games and ink pad sets that we offer to match all stages and all creative desires.

Création française

French creation

25 ans d'expérience

25 years of experience

Qualité et sécurité

Quality and safety