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A real favorite of children and parents alike, finger paint is a must-have for creative activities. It is a water-based paint that is considered non-toxic. It is therefore safe for children even if it is put in the mouth or if it comes into direct contact with the skin. Since it is often thicker than conventional paint, it is easy to handle and is always a hit with children.

Finger painting kits are often used from 18 months of age and therefore help to develop the creativity of the youngest children. The practicality of this paint allows children to create their first works. Indeed, it can be applied on many surfaces such as cardboard, paper, salt dough or even plaster. In addition, it does not run. Whether it is with the fingers or a brush, it is also very simple to wash it because it is enough of a blow of sponge. This is perfect for a first discovery!

Once the paint is applied, it is then possible to complete the work by drawing. The best way to do this is to use markers or colored pencils to bring the drawing to life. The possibilities are numerous and your child will be able to fully express his artistic talent!

Finger painting is a great opportunity for children to have fun and learn about artistic expression. However, for the activity to go well, it is essential to follow a few rules:

To allow children to fully develop their creativity, it is important to let them do the activity alone. It doesn’t matter if they don’t get it right the first time or if they get it all over. Letting them do it will build their confidence.
In order to improve their self-confidence, don’t hesitate to encourage your child whenever you feel the need. This will be extremely beneficial for them and will make them want to continue the activity.
It is also important to plan the necessary equipment beforehand. For example, you should think about protecting the tables and the floor (don’t hesitate to use cardboard to protect them). Then, you must arrange the paint and all the accessories that the child will need, such as brushes or a sponge. In addition, we advise you to wear clothes for which the possible stains will not be too constraining.
The important thing is to always be available during the finger painting activity. This will allow you, for example, to organize the work area and prevent possible overflow. But also to help your child if needed and to congratulate him/her when the drawings are done!
At the end of the activity, the most important thing is not the result, but the time spent with your child. It is therefore useless to expect a particular result. The interest is above all to discover, to train and to create drawings while having fun!